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This photograph was taken in April 2000 by an Age Newspaper photographer for their Good Weekend magazine. It was  featured together with an article by Bettina Arndt about working couples in Australia. 

Unfortunately our surname was  so badly misspelled that only our friends and family recognised that the article was about 


Sadly the old Moe studio was destroyed by fire in May 2009.  I lost over a hundred and fifty paintings and drawings including the complete exhibition of 27 works called "My life as an Avocado". The Avocado series was by far the most comprehensive body of works I have put together so far. Through that series I explored my chronic fear of flying (and overcame it) and the phenomena of migration including the effect it had on my Dutch cultural heritage.  


The catalogue for this "never exhibited" exhibition featuring all of the 27 paintings and foreword by Dr. Nonja Peters, Curtin University

is in the library of the Vanabbemuseum in Eindhoven , Holland.




Mary and John in the old Moe studio

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