​The proposal

The Infinite Birdcage is my latest series of paintings exploring the human need for freedom.

I began developing this concept in 2015 and the more I worked with the freedom theme the more I desired to engage with this topic in a wider context.

The twelve paintings in this series are laden with symbolism, metaphors and themes using familiar everyday items. 

I want to bring a broader understanding to the notion of freedom by enlisting the help of writers who will engage with my paintings at a public exhibition in February next year. (2020) Some of my works will be hanging in a special art installation like a small theatre setting complete with a writer’s desk, red chair and The Infinite Birdcage paintings featured for their inspiration and interpretation. 

​The writers’ will be asked to share their own understanding of Freedom in 2000 words, or less, using the paintings and themes depicted as a catalyst for their story. Their writing can be fiction or based on their lived experiences. 

​I am excited that such an artistic collaboration with writers will result in a meaningful and significant statement, which is eminently topical in our modern lives. 

​In the process three finalists will be adjudicated and published in the leading Gippsland lifestyle magazine and later published in a book about the Infinite Birdcage featuring all the paintings and selected narratives.  

Current article featuring the exhibition, our home/studio - see pages 126 - 129

​I have also commissioned Mark Finsterer, a composer who for the past twelve months has written music for each Infinite Birdcage painting. Mark will play at the exhibition and his CD of his Birdcage music will be available.

​The, Infinite Bird Cage series will be presented at a public exhibition at the ArtSpace Gallery in Wonthaggi, Victoria. 

The official opening is on the 23 of February and continuous until the 30 of March 2020  

Writers are invited to come and sit in our special "theatre like" installation/work station and write a short story about what they read in the paintings.

ArtSpace Gallery Wonthaggi. 

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