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Self @ 12 

Writing Competition Entry Form



Please attach to your entry


Name of Author______________________________________________________


Address __________________________________________________________


Email address ______________________________________________________


Phone Number______________________________________________________


Title of entry _______________________________________________________ 


Word count____________________


Which two "self @ 12" artworks did you pair to inspire your entry _________________


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Writing Competition Information

  • The entry must be the writer’s own work and inspired by 1, a painting and 2, paired to a drawing from the "self @ 12" exhibition.

  • Theme: “yourself at 12” 

  • Entries can be fiction or non-fiction based on their own lived experiences; in prose, poetry or play writing. 

  • 2000 words or less.

  • Writers must 16 years old or over and reside in Australia.

  • One entry per person. 

  • Email entries to John Mutsaers at by .........??????


  • Finalists will be notified


Finalists will be chosen by independent judges, and possibly published in a book featuring the self @ 12 series art works by John Mutsaers


The outright winner will also receive a framed original drawing from the exhibition. 


Writers can also engage with the series via my website, however, some of the finer details of the artworks may be harder to find.








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