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When I was a young boy living in Eindhoven I sometimes visited the studio of Kees Bol. at that time he lived in Rustenburgstraat in the suburb of Tongelre and I lived in Willeartplein in the Bennekel which was only about 5Km; a very short ride on my bike. I don't remember how long I stayed each time but I do remember that there wasn't a lot of conversation. Mostly I sat and watched this master working his subject;  I found the visits to his studio most inspiring.

In 2008 Mary and I were fortunate to reconnect with him in his new location in the beautiful ancient town of Heusden; he died the following year age 93.

Sometime after our visit his family send me one of his paintbrushes.


The small yellow  painting with the red cage and dead bird

is a memorial to Kees.  The red and white checked Brabantse

pennant (the province where he was born) is at half mast. I painted it in responce to hearing of his death. The bird is borowed from one of his



My series “The Infinite Birdcage” was inspired by this little painting. 

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Fish in glass.jpg
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